born the second child to yoo eunguk and choi jihyun.

made the journey from gwangju to the states with her family when she was an infant, settling in portland for the first six years of her life.

the quintessential middle child, allie has spent most of her life feeling as though she is locked in an ever-evolving competition with her siblings. regardless of the fact that the family of five was - and remains - extremely tight-knit, she couldn't help but feel the inherent need to do just as well if not better than her older brother and to always force her younger sister to work to keep up with her.

with the unwavering support of her best friend, she came out to her parents as bisexual at age sixteen. initially terrified by the matching blank expressions, she was overjoyed when they hugged her and asked her why it should matter. she did, however, run into some resistance with other family members. to this day, she refuses to be alone in the same room with her uncle, nor his homophobic offspring during visits back home.

rarely found out of motion. even at rest, some part of her body always seems to be moving, from tapping her toes to drumming her fingers. formerly known as the annoying girl in class subconsciously clicking her pen fifty times per minute.

runs a youtube channel called allieyoop which began as a high school media project and morphed into her favorite hobby. mostly consisting of study with me videos, organizational tips, and the occasional mildly interesting vlog, it has become her baby and biggest accomplishment over the last four years.

currently a junior at university of san francisco, majoring in advertising with a minor in communication studies. member of ΔΖ, p.a.w.s., prism

personality virgo. extroverted introvert. takes days to recover from crowded social events. victim of typical middle child "notice me" behavior - has no issues being called out when she's acting like a brat. terrible at lying. good book > good movie. loves to have a good time with her friends especially if that good time is a pj party on the couch with a pizza and stupid rom-coms. would trade her left kidney for the chance to live on a quiet estate with a pack of mischievous corgis and her very own pony. worships at the temple of ikea. hyperbole enthusiast.
likes drawer organizers, old book smell, daybreak runs, quiet walks/hikes, anime, banana milk, conservation documentaries, sci-fi, bullet journals, checklists, stationary shopping, spicy noodles, cryptids, color-coding, hauntings, murder mysteries, piano covers, museums, musicals, sudoku
dislikes clutter, pears, oversleeping, writing in pencil, pulp, bigots
family father yoo eunguk (christopher). opthalmologist. 56. / mother choi jihyun (jessica). dental hygienist. 53. / sister seolhee (sulli) yoo. 27. / brother minhyuk yoo (lucas). student. 17.
allie yoo
legal name yoo jiho (유지호) english name allison; goes by allie d.o.b. / age september 17th, 1997 / 21 occupation student / youtuber / barista @ astrolotea hometown gwangju, kor → portland, or → san francisco, ca current residence tbd. snapshot virgo. fire ox. infj-t. ravenclaw.