instagram phoebee phoebean phoebeat

birth name park yoona (박윤아)
aka phoebe park
birthday november 11, 1996
age 21 / 23
sign scorpio / 🔥🐀
personality esfj
house/patronus/wand ravenclaw / bat / beech wood, unicorn hair core
sexuality & status struggling bisexual / single pringle
occupation receiptionist @ i&2 salon
education korea university, media studies. expected graduation spring 2019


only daughter of three children. born in seoul; moved to seattle with her family at the age of six but spent the summers with her grandparents and brothers in busan. moved back to seoul after graduating high school because she missed her homeland. former cheerleader and track ace. briefly participated in youth soccer until her attention was pulled elsewhere. goes for a run every day and gets grouchy if she doesn't get her morning dose of endorphins. can play piano and flute thanks to her parents' insistence that all their children be well-rounded. runs a separate instagram account for the love of her life, poppy. has her driver's license but prefers to take public transportation as a car in seoul seems like a waste of resources. she does have a trusty hyundai elantra waiting for her back in seattle. close with both of her parents but her mother more so as she fostered her love of learning from a very young age.


quintessential middle child. acts independent but secretly loves to be pampered and treated to nice things. stutters when nervous. introspective to a fault. in love with the idea of love. hates being scolded and has a tendency of taking it as a personal attack. can come off painfully naive at times. would rather die than be late. ever curious.


park himchan 51, seattle father, engineer
kwon yoonmi 49, seattle mother, teacher. co-leader of a local community center's korean culture outreach program.
kwangsoo "kyle" park 25, portland older brother
jinsoo "jason" park 19, los angeles younger brother